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Administration to Allow Existing “Substandard” Health Insurance

By on 11.14.13 | 11:12AM

According to the Wall Street Journal, sometime just before noon Eastern, President Obama is expected to make a statement about the administration's forthcoming policy change which would allow people to keep existing insurance plans.

Unlike the Upton bill in the House, the administration would not allow these same plans to be sold by others.

We'll have to see just what the details are of this latest illegal act by the administration, behaving as if they can make and change law on a whim.

But they have to do it this way, because if there is a congressional vote which substantially changes Obamacare, the whole thing has the risk of coming undone.

This action will take pressure off of the administration for a very short time, but will not fix any of Obamacare's underlying problems and its eventual destruction of private health insurance. All of that will come back into focus sooner rather than later, and Obamacare will be no more popular than it is now.

More details later...

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