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An Open Letter to the Obama Administration

By on 11.12.13 | 2:23AM

I would like to take this opportunity to write an open letter to President Obama and Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. I just want to say, I’m here to help! I understand that managing the construction of websites can be incredibly difficult. And getting them built on a shoe-string budget, that’s tough.

So now that I’ve finished launching The American Spectator’s new website, I have some time to help you guys out. I promise that I can get it done for only $100 million dollars. Not bad, eh?  These are bargain prices for your administration!

Mr. President, I understand that you’ve committed yourself to open-source content management systems like Drupal and Wordpress. That’s wonderful. Odd that HHS pretended to take this route and then completely abandoned it for an old archaic system that pays lots of money to contractors. Oh well; good enough for government work, am I right?

So please, give me a call and I’ll show you how it’s done. Or I’ll make off with taxpayer money and retire to a tropical island. That would be about par for the course for your contractors wouldn’t it?

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