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Re: The Evil Twin

By on 3.14.06 | 11:14AM

It wouldn't be the first time that identical twins have flummoxed the justice system. John Wolfson had a fascinating article in Legal Affairs last fall about what happens when DNA evidence points to two genetically identical suspects.

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The Golden Bear

By on 3.14.06 | 10:28AM

If our politics were more serious, I could see Jack Nicklaus emerging as its master. But what about his obvious inability to suffer fools gladly? He never charmed galleries the way Arnold Palmer did without even trying. Could he maintain a smile to attract voters when in no mood to? Outside of Russia, is a political career possible for anyone nicknamed a bear?

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Re: Claude, Jack

By on 3.14.06 | 10:15AM


Re Claude Allen: I am glad you wrote this. I have met Claude on a few occasions and have found him to be uncommonly kind -- and utterly brilliant. Friends who have spoken with him since the news broke report that he remains in good spirits and looks forward to telling his side of the story.

Re Nicklaus: An outstanding idea to be sure -- but do you have some sort of inside knowledge of how he feels about running for office? Recall the draft Ditka movement in Illinois last cycle. An incredibly exciting idea for sure -- to everyone but him, as it turned out…

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Florida Senate

By on 3.14.06 | 9:41AM

I'm gonna do this every day until I see signs that somebody in the GOP hierarchy takes it seriously, because it is serious: Jack Nicklaus should be drafted to run for Senate as a Republican (which he long has been) in Florida. He's smart, articulate, easy with the press, conservative, able to at least partly self-finance, and very, very, very likable -- with a wife who is one of the most universally liked women anywhere, and with a record himself of numerous charitable endeavors. Plus the man has great integrity. He's a winner, indeed a hero, and he could win the race and serve a term as a solid and sensible, conservative, Republican senator.

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Claude Allen’s Comeback?

By on 3.14.06 | 9:17AM

Okay, I am SO glad to see the Prowler's note on the Claude Allen case, to the effect that maybe, against what seemed like all the evidence, Allen may actually be innocent. I have read about Allen for a number of years of course, and had heard nothing but great things about him. So it was that I was absolutely delighted last Wednesday, as I was being led to a table at a Union Station restaurant, that I saw my friend, the incomparable John Gizzi of Human Events and, when saying hello to him, was introduced to Mr. Allen himself, who was dining with Gizzi. I had never actually met Claude Allen before, but just about the first words out of my mouth were: "I STILL think you should be a judge!" As Gizzi reported in that column linked above, Allen showed no signs whatsoever that any sort of boom was about to be lowered on him. He was relaxed, cheerful, friendly, engaging -- and that was just in the two minutes I spoke with them before moving on to my table.

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Our Bet …

By on 3.14.06 | 7:58AM

If the Treasury Secretary post opens up, our bet on the nominee would be current OMB director Josh Bolten.

Other names you'll see floated: former Commerce Secretary Don Evans, current Treasury officials Robert Kimmitt, and, of course, current White House chief of staff Andrew Card. There are several other dark horses, including a couple of current Treasury officials.

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Let It Snow …

By on 3.14.06 | 7:50AM

Hmm. Four days after we report that Treasury Secretary Snow might be on the way out, word is leaking out that Snow has cleared his calendar for the end of the week, and has had meetings in the West Wing with White House Presidential Personnel. This follows word that he has canceled an overseas trip.

Snow is a good man, who has served this President well. Let's hope that if he has decided to leave, he is given a good sendoff.

While we hope he stays, we also can't help but look forward to the infighting that should ensue for the job. By our count, there are at least three current senior Treasury officials who have their eye on the top job. And at least one very senior White House officials who is in the running. Stayed tuned ...

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The Evil Twin

By on 3.14.06 | 7:39AM

We know that Quin is going to be writing about Claude Allen, but this is just too rich to avoid posting about. For all the movies we've seen involving an evil twin, who'd have thunk there would actually be such a true-life case? And that it might involve a senior White House official?

Hat tip must go to Josh Marshall and "Talking Points Memo" on this one. For just the shock value, and to bring a little ray of hope into ever Republican's heart, hit this hyplink and bask in the glory of what appears - literally on the face of it - to be yet another MSM blunder of remarkable proportions.

It's still unclear where this story is going, but it always pay to not jump to conclusions, like so many conservative web sites did in this case.

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Hollywood Knows America?

By on 3.14.06 | 7:28AM

So George Clooney likes "being a little out of touch."

Hollywood in general doesn't care just how out of touch it is. The latest example is "V for Vendetta," produced by the same brother team that made the "Matrix" films a few years ago. Based on what used to be called a "comic book," now called a "graphic novel" by the geeks and fan boys who buy them up, the movie has been turned into a left-wing marketing tool not so much against Operation Iraqi Freedom, but against the American government and its honorable attempts to prevent terrorist attacks here at home.

The movie (its website is here), has been getting awful reviews, so there is hope that it will quietly disappear without much noise. But think about this. An anti-American screed (set in London, so we won't be able to make the connection, we suppose) released on St. Patrick's Day. It doesn't so much show a lack of understanding of the American people, it shows disrespect.

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Feingold’s Folly

By on 3.14.06 | 7:09AM

One thing that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has learned in his time in leadership is that if nothing else, Democrats are essentially legislative bullies.  Always have been, always will be.  Sure Democrats talk a good game, rolling out a Byrd or a Kennedy for indulgent floor lectures.  But when it comes time to put their money where their mouths are, they rarely back it up.

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