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How Long Will Rand Paul Be In Detention?

By on 11.11.13 | 9:15PM

A few days ago, Rand Paul asked, “Do I have to be in detention the rest of my career?”

The junior Senator from Kentucky posed the question after evidence of plagiarism had come to light resulting in the loss of his Washington Times column

Frankly, in asking the question, Paul comes across like a petulant schoolboy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar instead of someone who seeks to make amends.

But the answer to his question all depends on Rand Paul. If the younger Paul can demonstrate due diligence and that he is capable of an original thought then he can enjoy a fine career as a public servant. I am sure the people of Kentucky will continue to send him to the Senate just as the people of Delaware continued to send Joe Biden to the Senate until Barack Obama made him his number two. I agree with The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake that Biden’s transgressions were far worse than Paul’s. I mean why would anyone pass themselves off as Neil Kinnock?

I would also that Paul’s transgressions are far less egregious than the abomination that is Obamacare. Indeed, Paul should thank his lucky stars because things would be much worse for him if millions of people weren’t losing their health insurance. But plagiarism isn’t something that can be ignored or swept under the rug. At this point, it remains to be seen if Paul has learned his lesson. So, for now, Rand Paul stays in detention.

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