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Obama and Veterans Day

By on 11.11.13 | 11:47AM

President Obama is giving a speech about veterans.

I can’t listen.

I didn’t serve, but both my parents did and I grew up on Camp Pendleton (Marine base) and Guam (Navy base).

I can’t hear Obama talk about veterans as if he cares.

Just hearing his voice today makes me angry. (Not that I enjoy hearing him on any other day, either. After all, if his lips are moving, he’s lying.)

In the context of his making war, perhaps even nuclear war, so much more likely by his desperation to make a deal with Iran, I’m even angrier.

But it’s Monday and I don’t want to be angry, so I’m just turning him off.

Maybe later, someone who really cares, and who really has a clue what he’s talking about, will say something worth listening to.

In the meantime, I just sent a “thank you” e-mail to a gentleman I know — a retired US Army Special Forces full-bird colonel who is also a medical doctor — who won a Silver Star for parachuting into the jungles of Viet Nam to set up field hospitals for wounded soldiers.

That, my friends, is a hero.

To think that President Obama (or his self-loathing Secretary of State who should look at what the hero I just mentioned did, and feel tremendous shame at his own life) represents that man or anyone like him does all veterans, indeed all Americans, a tremendous dishonor.

The hero is too well-mannered to disrespect the commander-in-chief.

So I’ll do it for him.

Barack Obama, please sit down and shut up, and let veterans be celebrated and honored by those who really know, and those who really care.

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