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George Galloway

By on 5.25.06 | 10:14PM

NR’s Top Fifty Makes ABC

By on 5.25.06 | 6:23PM

Shet mah mouth. A 30-second feature story just appeared on the nationwide top of the hour ABC radio news report (6:00 p.m. EDT). Subject: National Review's article in the current issue on the top 50 conservative rock songs of all time. Congrats to the magazine and to John J. Miller.

There's a moral in here somewhere...

Re: Bush Seals Docs

By on 5.25.06 | 4:37PM

Dave: I only wish I knew what was going on in the White House. No vetoes, extraordinary pork in the budget, the war languishing and the immigration disaster being pushed through the Senate. I'm not ready to give up on President Bush. But I don't see why conservatives should line up with him on almost any issue. Almost, not quite.

Re: Bush Seals Docs?

By on 5.25.06 | 3:54PM

Jed, No vetoes, no legal searches of a criminal offices? Does this President only believe in the power of his office in theory?

Bush Seals Docs?

By on 5.25.06 | 3:45PM

According to Breitbart's report President Bush ordered that the documents seized by the FBI in executing the search warrant of Rep. William Jefferson's office be sealed for 45 days. What the president is doing is baffling. Why is there even an issue of these documents being kept from investigators? Something is badly wrong here.

Diagnosis: Contagious

By on 5.25.06 | 10:52AM

Jed, I've been hearing exactly the same thing. Sigh.

Outrage? Not So Much.

By on 5.25.06 | 9:20AM

The Post is unmoved by Pelosi/Hastert protests. The editorial points out the extraordinary lengths to which the FBI went to protect congressioanl privilege in the search.

Also, Sen. John Warner, usually not one to shy from congressional groupthink, says Congress "should be treated no differently than the average citizen when it comes to criminal matters."

Re: Jesse Macbeth

By on 5.25.06 | 8:38AM

Sorry, all. Let's try this one more time. See IowaHawk's sendup of Jesse Macbeth at Hawk's blog here. Scroll down to "Stop the Lies."

Re: Jesse Macbeth link

By on 5.25.06 | 8:16AM

Corrected IowaHawk link

Re: Jesse Macbeth

By on 5.25.06 | 8:13AM

Jed, check out Internet humorist extraordinaire IowaHawk's sendup of Jesse Macbeth