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The Mount Vernon Assembly: A Constitutional Convention?

By on 11.8.13 | 11:06AM

Well this is interesting.

Indiana State Senate President Dan Long has sent out a letter to fellow state legislators of both parties inviting them to convene at George Washington’s historic Mount Vernon home on December 7. 


To explore calling a Constitutional Convention.

Says Long, a Republican, in this article by Dan Carden at an outfit called the Times of Northwestern Indiana

The authors of the Constitution included a state-led amendment option as a check on a runaway federal government. The dysfunction we see in Washington, D.C., provides an almost daily reminder of why this option is needed now more than ever.

Carden writes of Long’s goal:

He said the Mount Vernon Assembly will devise a “prudent and cautious process” other states can follow to ensure an Article V convention remains focused on specific subjects.

Long has indicated he supports a convention that would propose amendments limiting the power of Congress to impose taxes and regulate business.

Not mentioned in the article is that what Long is doing is the subject of Mark Levin’s bestselling The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American this year.

It will be interesting to see what happens. But without a doubt the very fact that a serious and influential state legislator has set about the task of, as Levin says, “Restoring the American Republic” is a sign that serious people in the right places are beginning to act.

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