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Morning Round-Up 11-11

By on 11.11.13 | 9:54AM

Feature of the Day: Look Inside Apple’s Spaceship Headquarters With 24 All-New Pics

Morning Headlines 


Associated Press

1.    Study: Record Number of Foreign Students Hit US

2.    More Oil and Gas Drillers Turn to Water Recycling

3.    Alaska’s Palin Lukewarm on Christie Talk for 2016 


1.    Inside a green billionaire’s Virginia crusade

2.    Clash of Texas political titans looms

3.    Report fuels prospect of 2016 Elizabeth Warren run


1.    Analysis: Telling secrets to stop burning natural gas in U.S. fracking boom

2.    Early Obamacare data to signal how many still waiting to enroll

3.    NYC asks court to vacate order curbing stop-and-frisk by police

Wall Street Journal

1.    Patty Murray, Democrats’ Budget Leader, Faces a New Test

2.    Health-Law Rollout Weighs on Obama’s Ratings, Agenda

3.    U.S.-EU Trade Talks Aim at Barriers, Not Tariffs

Washington Post

1.    Bills left in limbo are often just part of the choreography of Congress

2.    Where’s that Team of Rivals?

3.    Prayer case at the Supreme Court: Debunking some myths

Washington Times

1.    Two Navy admirals suspended amid mushrooming bribery, prostitution scandal

2.    Feds stiff Arizona border town for ambulance costs for immigrants

3.    CURL: Be wary of Christie, the mainstream media’s new favorite Republican


Associated Press

1.    Kerry Says Iran Rejected Nuclear Deal

2.    Deal Struck on Wider UN Inspections of Iran Sites

3.    Senior Militant Leader Shot Dead in Islamabad


1.    Syrian opposition accepts peace talks, says Assad must go

2.    Hamas polices seas as tunnel smuggling suffers

3.    Britain revives ties with Iran, two years after embassy attack

Wall Street Journal

1.    Israeli Leader Lobbies U.S. Against Accord

2.    Saudi Crackdown on Workers Turns Violent

3.    Philippines Left Reeling in Wake of Storm

Washington Post

1.    Rising Russian nationalism sets off ethnic tension

2.    In Afghanistan, interpreters who helped U.S. in war denied visas; U.S. says they face no threat

3.    Iraq’s Kurdish region pursues ties with Turkey—for oil and independence

Top Conservative Stories of the Day: 

The American Conservative

1.    The Man to Reestablish the GOP—Maybe

2.    A Robot-Friendly Way to Raise the Minimum Wage

The Blaze   

1.    Atheist ‘Mega-Churches’ Launch in U.S.—But Not All Non-Believers Are Excited About It

2.    ‘We Will Bleed You to Death’: British Jihadis Describe Their Aims for America After Syria Fight 


1.    Obama Voters Shocked by Obamacare Cancellations, Skyrocketing Rates

2.    D.C.’s Five Obamacare Enrollees Cost $26.7 Million Each

 The Daily Caller 

1.    The New Republic reveals Hillary Clinton’s nightmare

2.    IRS lost $4 BILLION to identity thieves in 2012 as it targeted the tea party

        1.    Kerry on Iran Nuke Talks: ‘I Don’t Think We’re Stupid’

        2.    Christie: No Labels, ‘Judge Me by My Record’

National Review

        1.    Background Checks as the New Racism

        2.    The New Segregation

Washington Free Beacon

        1.    U.S. Sends Marines to Help Philippines After Typhoon

        2.    Netanyahu Asks U.S. Supporters to Oppose Iran Deal

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

       1.    Overtime, New Computer System Put Sizable Dent in VA Benefits Backlog

       2.    Al Qaeda’s Most Dangerous Stronghold

Huffington Post

       1.    Rick Perry Jabs Chris Christie: ‘Is A Conservative In New Jersey A Conservative?’

       2.    Ted Cruz’s Drunken Law School Antics Revealed

Talking Points Memo

       1.    Can Obama’s ‘Keep Your Health Plan’ Promise Be Salvaged?

       2.    Not Just de Blasio


          1. GOP Donors Seek To Oust Michigan Tea Party Congressman Over Shutdown


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