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Morning Round-Up 11-8

By on 11.8.13 | 10:30AM

Feature of the Day: Super typhoon Haiyan strikes Philippines, among strongest storms ever

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

1.    Not Good Enough: Math, Reading Scores Up Slightly

2.    Senate Oks Gay Rights Bill Banning Discrimination

3.    Voters Reward Pragmatic, But Limited Government


1.    Name-calling turns nasty in education world

2.    GOP hits Obama the manager

3.    Ken Cuccinelli bright spot: Young voters 


1.    N.Y. City to seek immediate ruling preserving stop-and-frisk

2.    U.S. veterans agency slashes claims backlog by a third since March

3.    Pentagon offset budget cut impact in key areas--watchdog

Wall Street Journal

1.    FDA Says Trans Fats Aren’t Safe in Food

2.    Iran Nuclear Deal Expected as Early as Friday

3.    GDP’s 2.8% Growth Masks Shaky Details

Washington Post

1.    President Obama apologizes to Americans who are losing their health insurance

2.    On gay rights bill, Republicans worry for small businesses—should they?

3.    The lowest low of the Obama presidency

Washington Times

1.    Promise breakers: Congressional lawmakers shirk shutdown pledge, keep paychecks

2.    Cruz bill offers $5m reward for Benghazi info

3.    Invasion: 7,500 drones in U.S. airspace within 5 years, FAA warns


 Associated Press

1.    World’s Top Diplomats To Join Iran’s Nuclear Talks

2.    Israeli PM ‘Utterly Rejects’ Emerging Iran Deal

3.    US, Israel Lose UNESCO Voting Right in Dispute


1.    Syrian army closes in on Aleppo after dawn attack

2.    China to loan Pacific island nations $1 billion

3.    Evidence does not prove Arafat poisoning

Wall Street Journal

1.    Kerry Tries to Rekindle Israel-Palestinian Talks

2.    In Southern Turkey, Renewed Fears of Sectarian Strife

3.    Olympic Torch Sent to Space

Washington Post

1.    Pakistani Taliban’s new chief was behind attempt to kill Malala 

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

1.    NSA Blowback

2.    This Is Chris Christie’s Moment—But Will It Last?

The Blaze   

1.    Watch the Passionate Ashton Kutcher Rant on the Only Job That Could Ever Be ‘Beneath You’—You’ll Be Glad You Did


1.    Ratings: Fox Dominates, CNN Trounced on Election Night

2.    Fox’s Eric Bolling: Couldn’t Bring Myself to Vote for Christie

 The Daily Caller 

1.    Obama apologizes to those who lost their insurance plans

2.    Immigration battle fades as Republicans look to 2014

1.    IRS Sent 343 Refunds Worth $156K to 1 Address—in Shanghai, China

2.    Delaware Spends $4M to Enroll 4 People in Obamacare

National Review

1.    One More Campaign: Obama Stumps for the ACA

2.    Father Fed Knows Best

Washington Free Beacon

1.    Barack Hussein Machiavelli

2.    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Spending $81,700 for ‘Bat Monitoring’

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

1.    Exclusive: Obama’s Secret Iran Détente

2.    Can Chris Christie Avoid Giuliani’s Errors in 2008? Hizzoner Hopes So

Huffington Post

1.    Lara Logan Apologizes for Botched ’60 Minutes’ Benghazi Report, Says Show Will Issue Correction

2.    Harry Reid Compares GOP’s Obamacare Gripes to Lame Prison Jokes

Talking Points Memo

1.    GOP Blockade Sells Even Old-School Dems on Nuking Filibuster

2.    Why I’m Staying Put


  1. The Cancer Patient From the Wall Street Journal Will Likely Save Thousands Under Obamacare

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