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Another Milbank Muddle

By on 11.7.13 | 6:15AM

Over at the Washington Post web site, liberal thought-leader Dana Milbank castigates Republicans for "governing by anecdote."

It seems that Mr. Milbank is pontificating by anecdote, missing the fact that Obama is the one who mastered the use of human props (or perhaps human shields) in his efforts to pass and defend legislation.

How could Milbank miss the fact that the first human props (or at least the first one that I saw in the news anywhere) in the debate over the rollout were in Obama's Rose Garden speech on October 21st?

Remember the "first person to sign up in Delaware"? I don't suppose Milbank wants to mention the story (on the Washington Post web site) noting that "more than a month after the laugh of Delaware's health insurance exchange, officials report only four Delawareans enrolled for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act."

And what about the fact that the people Obama lined up behind himself didn't even have "success stories" to tell about Obamacare?

Obama also lined up doctors (with administration-provided lab coats) to pretend that doctors supported his disastrous law.

This administration constantly governs by anecdote. Calling out Republicans for using TRUE stories of people harmed by this government is just more liberal media dishonesty.

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