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Morning Round-Up 11-7

By on 11.7.13 | 10:08AM

Feature of the Day: Lee Harvey Oswald Was My Friend

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

1.    Natural Gas Gains Squeeze Family-Run Oil Companies

2.    Jason Carter to Run For GA. Governor

3.    Critics: Some Unions Could Get Break From Fees 


1.    Virginia triggers GOP circular firing squad

2.    Why President Obama isn’t hitting the insurance companies

3.    Senate GOP seeks control of primaries 


1.    In the messaging war on Obamacare, both sides get personal

2.    Analysis: At Supreme Court hearing, passions over religion and its rules

3.    New Silk Road drug bazaar opens a month after FBI bust 

Wall Street Journal

1.    U.S.-Iran Thaw Grew From Years of Behind-the-Scenes Talks

2.    Worried Senators Press Obama on Health Law

3.    Health-Fee Proposal Knocked

Washington Post

1.    Close result in VA governor’s race hardens GOP divisions

2.    Health care law’s exchange problems leave small business owners in a difficult position

3.    Democrats begin effort to negatively define Chris Christie before 2016 campaign

Washington Times

1.    Tea party bitter with GOP over governor races, says Ken Cuccinelli was robbed

2.    Supreme Court to decide government’s role in public prayer

3.    Billy Graham to celebrate 95th birthday: Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin among invited


Associated Press

1.    Arafat Widow Says His Successors Must Seek Justice

2.    Inspectors Verify 22 of Syria’s 23 Chemical Sites

3.    6 World Powers Sit With Iran in Nuclear Talks


1.    British Muslim leader sentenced to death says Bangladesh trial ‘farcical’

2.    Turkey seizes 1,200 warheads near Syria border: agency

3.    Ireland says successfully completes bailout review

Wall Street Journal

1.    Kerry Tries to Rekindle Israel-Palestinian Talks

2.    In Southern Turkey, Renewed Fears of Sectarian Strife

3.    Olympic Torch Sent to Space 

Washington Post

1.    Was Yasser Arafat killed by polonium poisoning?

2.    U.S. seeking deal on Iranian nuclear freeze, diplomats say

3.    Kerry says sessions with Netanyahu, Abbas bring some clarity to tense peace talks

Top Conservative Stories of the Day:

The American Conservative

1.    Where Does Obamacare Leave Millennials?

2.    Classical Education & Freedom from Specialization

The Blaze   

1.    Some Mocking Obamacare+Special Duck Dynasty Appearance = Best Country Music Awards Open Ever?

2.    If There Was One Explosive Revelation From Today’s Obamacare Hearing, It’s This (Plus, Your Full Recap)


1.    Senator Rand Paul Moves Opinion Column to Breitbart News

2.    1 in 4 Illinois Medicaid Patients Found Ineligible for Program

 The Daily Caller 

1.    15 Dem Senators complain to Obama about Obamacare

2.    Zuckerberg’s lobby group unveils illegal immigrants to compete in hackathon

1.    Michelle Obama: ‘We Want to Honor and Embrace All…Faith Traditions’

2.    Obama Thanks ‘Navigators’ After Sebelius Admits They Could Be Felons

National Review

1.    Needed: A Different Sort of President

2.    The Fat Cats’ Veto

Washington Free Beacon

1.    Putin to Visit Egypt in Bid to Restore Military Ties

2.    Government Funded Childcare Workers Don’t Undergo Thorough Background Checks

Top Liberal Stories of the Day:

The Daily Beast

1.    Chris Christie Is No George W. Bush, and 2016 Is Definitely Not 2000

2.    The Wrong Election Takeaways From Christie’s Win, Virginia, and More 

Huffington Post

1.    Tuesday’s Lesson: Democrats’ Best Hope Is More Ted Cruz

2.    Harry Reid: House Republicans Must ‘Capitulate’ On ENDA If They Want to Win Elections

Talking Points Memo

1.    ‘One Senator From Texas’: Obama Calls Out Cruz, But Not By Name

2.    Wow. A Must Read


  1. The Tenth Amendment Is Dead As A National Political Issue


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