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Runoff in Alabama 1

By on 11.5.13 | 10:58AM

Down here in coastal Alabama, there's a Republican primary runoff today. I ran in the open primary, finishing a close fourth out of nine candidates -- but didn't make the runoff. As it is, I think my participation in this race precludes me from writing much about it. But, froma bare-bones standpoint, I did endorse former state Sen. Bradley Byrne over the extremist Dean Young. I have known Bradley rather well for 15 years, and know him to be a solid conservative and a man of faith and integrity. In fact, I knew him first from church, not through politics. That's why, when Young began attacking Byrne's faith on multiple fronts, I went beyond being a Byrne endorser for all sorts of positive reasons and became an open critic of Young. 

Young has cleverly cast this race as one pitting the "Tea Party" vs. the "establishment," even though national Tea Party groups and those often aligned with them, such as the Club for Growth, have stayed out, and even though Byrne has a solidly conservative record and indeed was a frequent featured guest at Tea Party events locally.

We will see if Young's trickery works. Most people think it is a close race. Stay tuned.

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