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By on 11.4.13 | 2:57PM

As the American Spectator magazine makes the transition to a new website, we will also be reforming our comments policy with Disqus. This platform organizes and hosts forums on millions of sites across the web, and you can learn more about their services here. 

To comment on the new website, you will have to register on Disqus either through Facebook or with an email address. You can do that directly through or on Disqus’s homepage.

We are doing this to prevent the spread of trolls in our forums. In the past, TAS has increasingly had to deal with users who abuse their freedoms by threatening and intimidating those who disagree with them. To manage this, we will enforce our comments policy energetically in the new forums.

Ultimately, we welcome a range of mindsets and perspectives; however, we will not allow the abusive few to tarnish discussion in our new project. 

Here is our official policy:

We encourage readers to share and discuss their thoughtful and relevant comments about Spectator articles. Comments are routinely monitored and will be deleted ifprofane, bigoted, or grossly impolite. Please be respectful. (And don’t feed the trolls!) Thank you.

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