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A Witch Nullifies Halloween Once and for All

By on 10.31.13 | 2:49PM

“Unless one actually is a witch, dressing up as stereotypical witches is bigotry.” That’s what Trey Capnerhurst, a traditionally garbed and practicing Wiccan from Alberta, told CNN yesterday.

Let’s take a closer look at implications of that statement. “Unless one actually is a ______, dressing up as stereotypical ______s is bigotry.” I’m sorry to say it, dear readers, but you can no longer dress up as anything but yourselves for Halloween—or defy your conscience and cast civility aside.

Unless you can come up with something that isn’t stereotypical for Halloween on a yearly basis you shouldn’t participate. For even the most modest insensitivity towards the most peculiar identity must come first—lest you expose yourself to the world as utterly ignorant. Eradicate the tropes; we’re in the 21st century now.

So in case you were wondering, in the eyes of a 342,000 minority population in America, for which Capnerhurst has become a public avenger, any of you who has ever dressed up or ever will dress up as a witch or a warlock for Halloween is a bigot. That’s right, you are no different than the “hateful” Redskins organization or the members of the Ku Klux Klan, for it is now deemed an act of bigotry to dress up as a “stereotypical witch.”

What must follow from that thinking is that anyone who has ever dressed up as anything without actually being that thing must be a bigot at worst and an insensitive boor at best. Sigh.

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