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Trump Takes on ‘Shakedown’ Schneiderman

By on 10.31.13 | 2:54PM


Earlier today Donald Trump launched an explosive attack on New York Attorney General Eric “Shakedown” Schneiderman. The business mogul -- just recently awarded The American Spectator’s T. Boone Pickens Entrepreneur Award -- filed papers to “dismiss Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s baseless lawsuit concerning Trump University.”

Schneiderman, already fast gaining a reputation as a “shakedown” artist (as seen over here in this Reuters story about another Schneiderman law suit unrelated to Trump) is hit right between the eyes immediately in the Trump filings.

“This case is going absolutely nowhere,” Schneiderman is quoted as directly telling Ivanka Trump at a 2012 campaign fundraiser. 

The Trump filings -- they are voluminous, detailed and scathing -- go on to accuse Schneiderman of being both unprofessional and unethical in filing a lawsuit over Trump University -- now the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative -- with “only one goal in mind.” That goal, of course, is the publicity the PR hungry attorney general is seeking in order to follow predecessors Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo into the N.Y. governor’s office. 

The Trump filing is a bold, head-on attack on Schneiderman, specifically accusing the state’s wannabe governor of a “no holds barred quest to make a name for himself and propel his own political ambitions.” Schneiderman is accused of telling a Trump lawyer that a Schneiderman suit against Trump “would increase his [Schneiderman’s] political capital" and that Donald Trump would be forced to settle the case because Trump doesn’t “want all of the bad press.”


The filing says flatly that Schneiderman, in his quest to get massive publicity by suing Trump -- after specifically saying he had a “weak case” -- overlooked a basic problem: the statute of limitations (3 years) for filing his Trump suit had long since expired. 

Which is to say, Schneiderman is not only a shakedown artist -- yes, he was busy seeking out both Trump and various Trump family members for contributions during the run-up to all of this -- he’s an incompetent lawyer as well.

There is much more to come on this. Much more.

Stay tuned right here. We’ll be back.

Oh my.

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