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By on 10.31.13 | 10:31AM

On the World Series, conservatives should naturally have been on the side of the Cards. Heartland vs. Effete East, but mostly NL vs. AL: hustle, guts, real baseball (no DH) vs. pretty much everyone you hate in the Majors.

I loved Roger Daltry singing "Won't Be Fooled Again" at the Churchill dedication at the Capitol. Good timing, since Sebelius was testifying next door. And this morning all the conservative pundits are saying the same thing. Now, they say, everyone will wake up to the administraiton's lies.

If only. I suspect there will be a lot of people who lose their old plans, get sticker shock with the new ones, and who like sheep will accept this as in their best interests. For a large number of Americans, we've passed the point where reality checks check.

All the more reason to carry on the fight, cheerfully, and cry "No Surrender!" 

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