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Part of Texas Abortion Bill Blocked

By on 10.30.13 | 1:27PM

On Monday, a federal district court ruled that Texas’s legal requirement that abortion doctors have admitting privileges at local hospitals was unconstitutional. The mandate, as Judge Lee Yeakel explained in his opinion, “does not bear a rational relationship to the legitimate right of the state in preserving and promoting fetal life or a woman’s health.” 

The requirement would have closed 13 abortion clinics out of a total of 32 in the state.

Yesterday, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott appealed the decision to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, requesting a decision by the end of Tuesday.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, the Fifth Circuit has usually upheld abortion-related Texas laws. Last August, the Court allowed the state to stop funding Planned Parenthood as a part of the Women’s Health Program. Last January, the Court upheld a law requiring pre-abortion sonograms.

The Court did not act on the emergency motion, leaving Yeakel’s permanent injunction in place.

While this portion aims at raising the medical standard for abortion doctors, it is only one part of a broad law that, among other things, also bans abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

That act went into effect on Tuesday.

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