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‘Disgraceful Accusations’: Judge Pryor Says He Was Smeared by Jailed Blogger

By on 10.29.13 | 11:31AM

In reporting today on the case of liberal blogger Roger Shuler, currently jailed in Shelby County, Alabama, on a contempt of court charge, I mentioned Shuler's claim that 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge William Pryor had once posed nude for a gay magazine. I wrote that Judge Pryor had not commented on this claim, but a friend points out that the judge issued this strongly worded statement last month:

"Over the last week, I have been smeared by a widely discredited blogger with a political agenda. His allegations have now been picked up by other bloggers. The person in the unsourced, undated photographs is not me, and I deny these allegations. I have been twice vetted by the FBI, including as recently as this past year; I have won two contested statewide elections; and I have been in the public eye for almost twenty years. I will not dignify these disgraceful accusations with any further comment."

My apologies for having overlooked this previously.

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