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We Wuz Robbed!

By on 10.28.13 | 10:02AM

I’m glad to see my friend Quin’s very perceptive analysis of Saturday night’s World Series “obstruction” game. My beloved Red Sox wuz robbed of a victory by an unbelievably bizarre call.

What made the “obstruction” call so incredible to me was the notion that anyone can fall as Will Middlebrooks did and not have their legs reflexively shoot upwards, akimbo. A case in point?

Below I have picked at random a photo from a baseball game where a runner is in the act of stealing second base. It’s hard to tell the team, as it’s not listed, much less the player’s name. But take a look at the base stealer’s legs. There he is in classic slide-in-to-second position, on his stomach, arms outstretched in search of second base, with the second baseman defending by seemingly sailing overhead as he tries to catch the ball. And what of the runner’s legs? That’s right, as you can see here they are up in the air – driven there reflexively just as they were with Will Middlebrooks.


To borrow from Senator Cruz?


We wuz robbed!

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