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Poetic Justice in St. Louis

By on 10.28.13 | 12:53AM

I totally agree with Quin's compelling analysis of the strange "obstruction" ending to Game 3 of this year's World Series. Which makes me think that the equally unprecedented pickoff ending to Sunday night's Game 4 had to be poetic justice. What a wonderfully crazy turn of events. Allen Craig, who badly reinjured his sprained foot in scoring on the "obstruction" play, pinch hit what would have normally been at least a double in the bottom of the ninth on Sunday night. But because he couldn't run, he was held to a single. Which necessitated a pinch-runner, young Kolten Wong. Announcer Tim McCarver, in his typical nagging way, questioned why Boston was even holding him on, since in a 4-2 game the runner at first wasn't important. Maybe Wong was listening to his comments. Because next thing you know, the Boston reliever caught him leaning the wrong way and he was indeed picked off for the final out, leaving the tying run (and excellent hitter Carlos Beltran) at the plate. Of course, the camera and everyone else missed the unexpected quick throw over to first. But thanks to several other angles available, -- especially from a camera in right field, which Fox showed only after coming back from a long commercial break -- the beauty of that final out could be seen in many a replay.

So now we're even. Whoever wins two of the next three wins the Series. Boston has to be favored, what with the Games 6 and (if necessary) 7 scheduled for Fenway Park. Will poor Kolten Wong be allowed to make the trip back?

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