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Let Me Tell You Who Won the Shutdown…

By on 10.18.13 | 11:38AM

Unnh, can I get back to you on that? The point is that it's too early to tell, and that there is good reason to think that it wasn't Obama and the Dems. The fact is, we won't really know until the Congressionals next year, and even that is really too soon.

What doesn't mean much is what the polls say right now. Here's why. The debt crisis problem isn't going away, even if the mainstream press ignores it. It is there now and it's going to be a lot worse in the future and the party which ignores it today will pay a price for this in the future. That's why I think (and hope) that Ted Cruz will be seen as the winner. 

I may be wrong, of course. What we might have seen is a constitutional moment in which we abandonned the constitution of checks and balanaces and became a plebiscitiary democracy in which exclusive power is handed to a president every four years. That's happened in other presidential countries. 

I do have a special contempt for those allegedly on the right who are quick to blame Cruz. I am thinking particulalry of those columists who pass themselves off as conservative and who are hired by the Washington Post solely to dump on conservatives. People devoid of any signs of learning or wit. That would be you, Michael Gerson. That would be you, Jennifer Rubin. And most of all, that would be you, Kathleen Parker. In France, people such as you are called vendu(e)s.

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