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By on 10.14.13 | 10:47PM

Please allow this visit back to my old haunts with my friends at AmSpec.... The budget-related deal being talked about in the Senate right now is an atrocity. It gains nothing at all for all the efforts conservatives have made to insist on greater spending discipline or on rolling back all or part of ObamaCare. Such abject surrender can only hobble the conservative cause -- for years. It will leave us with absolutely no believability when we try to negotiate even a semi-hard line in the future. Having shown the spines of paramecia, we will no longer be able to even appear unbending on principle in the future.

The House should just say no. And No and NO and NO and NO and ABSOLUTELY NO.

Sometimes the only way out of a bad situation is to keep going forward, keep trying to make one's case, keep trying to set things straight. There are plenty of criticisms to be made of those who pushed us into this bad situation with poor tactics married to a failure to "game out" the whole battle. But those criticisms should be put aside for now. For now, we need to keep insisting on getting some substantive concessions -- because the concessions we want are, after all, based on principle, and because those concessions will mean better public policy and will be better for the country.

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