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By on 10.8.13 | 12:57PM

Tom Sowell makes an important point today ("Inarticulate Republicans") that Republicans don't know how to make their points.

Even the guys and gals in the party who understand the principles they stand for don’t know how to articulate them. Don't know how to make Joe and Jill Americano understand how these principles and the policies based on them would make their lives better.

Reagan was great at this (One of Reagan's White House advisors said that watching Reagan rehearse a speech was like watching Babe Ruth take batting practice). But there has been no one remotely as articulate since. And most in the party don't even recognize this as a failing. They keep lifting up such mush-mouths as George Herbert Walker, W, Mitt, Boehner, and (God save us) Florida governor Rick Scott (It's almost physically painful to watch Scott try to make his case). Mitch McConnell is a little more articulate, but he looks like a grouchy and myopic old Dickensian school master. His looks, his demeanor, and his cramped voice are off-putting and detract from what he has to say. If Hollywood remakes "Snow White," McConnell could play Grumpy.

A party lead by Grumpy and a guy who looks like a Dayton car dealer who can't wait for happy hour to begin is not going anywhere. And doesn't deserve to. 

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