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Hannity, Fox Schedules Change Tonight

By on 10.7.13 | 10:32AM

So after a summer’s worth of speculation, rumor and media gossip, the new Fox evening schedule begins tonight.

Greta at 7.

O’Reilly at 8.

Megyn Kelly at 9.

Hannity at 10.

It is amazing how much controversy was stirred over the last few months for all of this. For conservatives, the Hannity switch from 9 to 10 is a yawner. Hannity, as we noted the other week, was never going anywhere, contrary to all those hilariously wrong, dramatically hysterical liberal stories that he had been fired, was vanishing from both Fox and radio and possibly all of earth if not the solar system and the universe itself. Wishful thinking as bizarre frenzy. 

The change now settled, attention is focused on the substance -- and for conservatives there is more of this than is usually always the case. Over the weekend New York’s Congressman Peter King, who has abruptly turned on Reagan conservatives to pick up the flag of the Washington establishment, described conservatives as “kamikazes” and “the suicide caucus,” maintaining his criticism of Senator Ted Cruz as a “fraud.”

Hannity’s show, of course, is very much the place for conservatives to go to sort all of these kinds of things out with a conservative host. It is, in fact, the only prime time location in television where a Reagan conservative holds sway for a full hour, thus continuing to be “must-watch” TV for conservatives. A fact that shows repeatedly in Hannity’s winning ratings.

Tonight’s opening guest in the new 10:00 pm time slot: Senator Rand Paul.

Senator Paul is one of a handful of GOP senators who have, Reagan-style, attracted the wrath of the GOP Establishment King has chosen to speak for.

Of which -- more tomorrow.

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