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Jeff Sessions: As Always, Sane and Cogent

By on 9.30.13 | 11:05PM

In an excellent and wide-ranging speech delivered just a few minutes ago on the floor of the Senate, Jeff Sessions, arguably the sanest politician in the United States, made an important point about the debate over Obamacare: Who (I'm paraphrasing here because I don't have a transcript), he wonders, is really being obstructionist here, the House Republicans who have passed a bill repealing Obamacare 40-plus times or the Senate Majority Leader who has refused--40-plus times--to take up the bill in question?

This is how mendacious rhetoric should be responded to: with a polite smile and cogent logic.

Still, this is only one track on the Sessions Greatest Hits album. (Here's my personal favorite: in response to Mark Zuckerberg's claim that without comprehensive immigration reform Facebook will be unable to hire new employees, Sessions suggested that the CEO post an ad and see how many American respond to it.)

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