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Mass Care Not Working Out—Part IX

By on 11.17.06 | 3:54PM

Not only will Massachussets force residents to purchase health insurance, it is will also dictate exactly what kind of insurance:

The program's success in part hinges on allowing Massachusetts insurers to offer affordable products to different segments of the population, such as young people between 19 and 26. But the challenge is making those offerings affordable and equitable, said [Robert] Carey [director of planning and development for the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector].

"We still have to establish what is minimal creditable coverage," said Carey, adding that the connector board would be making that decision within the coming weeks. The Commonwealth Connector is an insurance clearinghouse that will allow people to choose a state-approved insurance product that meets their needs.

Policy spending limits, such as a lifetime cap of $100,000, for example, would not be acceptable coverage, he said.

Yep, give up an inch of your freedom to do-gooders, and they will take a mile.

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