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Noodling Classical Liberalism

By on 11.16.06 | 4:07PM

In an age of Big Government Conservatism, American Greatness Conservatism, Christian Conservativism, Crunchy Conservatism, South Park Republicanism, and more, it may be worth another look at a great political paradigm. Classical Liberalism awaits.

It's been a long time since many of us in the "conservative movement" have protested that we are not truly conservatives, but are rather classical liberals. The media refuses to pick up the distinction and the mass society doesn't grasp the point.

S.T. Karnick is a stubborn classical liberal who insists on prolonging the conversation on classical liberalism, what it means, and how it fits into the current American political scene.

If you'd like an education on the point or would just like to get geeky in debate, Professor Karnick is holding a clinic. In order of appearance, you can get his posts on the topic here, here, and here.

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