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Re: No Leadership for Murtha

By on 11.16.06 | 12:31PM

Dave: Hoyer's resounding win does suggest he had the votes all along -- but what Abscam did was add to the Nancy's stunning self-inflicted humiliation in this entire affair. Even before she's sworn in as speaker she's effectively a lame-duck, dead duck, symbol of ineptness and tolerance for serious corruption. She would have been better off signing a lucrative book deal or two (though one suspects she would not have attracted as juicy a contract as Newt did).

You knew she was in trouble when Democrat goon Jim Moran emerged as her leading defender on Murtha. What he told the Hill will go down in risible infamy: "She will ensure that they [Mr. Murtha and his allies] win. This is hardball politics. We are entering an era where when the speaker instructs you what to do, you do it."

That new era sure didn't last long. At this point, unless she has a dog, George W. Bush is going to end up Nancy's only friend in Washington.

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