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Quotes From Pence

By on 11.14.06 | 6:20PM

It must be said that Mike Pence is a very eloquent man, an excellent communicator who, like Reagan, got his start as a broadcaster. Herewith some quotes from his meeting earlier today with a large group of conservative bloggers, held (as are ongoing appearances by all the candidates for Republican leadership posts) through the good (and neutral) graces of the Heritage Foundation:

"I believe that fundamentally the foundation of public confidence in Republicans [was lost] when we departed from limited government and fiscal discipline and reform."

"We simply have to have the ability and the credibility to speak to millions of Americans" on behalf of limited government and traditional moral values.

He believes the Minority Leader and the GOP caucus should be "vigorously opposing the big-government and socially liberal policies... of the Democratic majority."

"I bring a certain cheerful pugilism" to a "target-rich environment." And, he hopes, "a substantive, thoughtful, mainstream conservative alternative--and a smile.:

To fight outrageous earmarks, he advocates "greater transparency, greater accountability, and greater challenge-ability."

...There. That's a pretty thorough overview of what he said. Decide for yourselves, dear readers.

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