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Pence Endorsers

By on 11.14.06 | 4:25PM

So far, I have been able to compile this list of conservative bloggers, media, intelligentsia and other leaders who have either endorsed or (where indicated) strongly hinted (or I have interpreted their remarks to be strong hints) at support for Mike Pence for Minority Leader. In no particular order:

Our own Philip Klein. And me, elsewhere.

Red State

Human Events

David Keene, ACU

National Review editors, sort of

Robert Novak (hinted)

Wall Street Journal (hinted)

Kim Priestap

The Washington Examiner

Captain's Quarters

Dick Morris (a semi-conservative, sometimes) (hint)

Club for Growth

Right Wing News

Jon Henke


My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Reports Stephen Moore in the Wall Street Journal: "Mr. Pence seems to have corralled most of the support from major conservative voices, ranging from Rush Limbaugh to Paul Weyrich. John Berthoud, the president of the National Taxpayers Union, gushes: 'Mike Pence is one of the few Republicans of late we could always depend on to take the principled position, not the K Street position." He adds, "He's the obvious choice. When you've got a Roger Clemens, you put him on the mound.' "

Investors Business Daily (hint)

Laura Ingraham (hint)

Larry Kudlow

Fred Barnes (hint)

Tapscott's Copy Desk

I'm sure there are plenty of others. If anybody knows of them, please e-mail me at Thanks.

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