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Re: Pence, Shadegg and Blogs

By on 11.14.06 | 10:06AM

Quin: Yes, perhaps unity among conservatives will sway some votes into the Pence/Shadegg camp. And if both lose despite a groundswell of support among the grassroots, it will show that House Republicans simply don't care about conservatives. In many ways, I think Boehner/Blunt maintaining their leadership posts would be a bigger blow to conservatives than last week's election results. At least there was some hope that after an electoral "thumping," Republicans might return to their limited government roots. Reelecting the old gaurd would virtually guarantee more of the same. I have been arguing that last week's election results were a defeat for Republicanism, but if Pence and Shadegg both lose, it will be a defeat for conservatism.

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