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More On That Idaho Case

By on 11.13.06 | 3:52PM

The Idaho State Legislature is considering a change in the law due to Mrs. Mueller's experience. This has all of the activists, do-gooders and other altruistic scum-of-the-earth out telling us that they know what is best for the rest of us unwashed masses:

Dr. Jerry Hirschfeld, administrator of St. Luke's Children's Hospital: "Most of us running around are reasonable people, but most of the population does not have the experience needed to define child abuse and neglect."

Susan Hazelton, executive director of the Family Advocate in Boise: "(The proposed law) will say you have to have all the relevant facts before you report, and I don't think it's feasible for an ordinary citizen to have all the relevant facts."

Leah Lamb, a forensic pediatric physician with St. Luke's Child At Risk Evaluation Services: "There needs to be legislation that stands for children. Parents can call lawyers; they have methods to protect themselves."

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