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Bruno’s Attack on the Urban World

By on 11.13.06 | 12:38AM

Robert VerBruggen complains about Borat's anti-rural bent. But if you want to see Sacha Baron Cohen skewer urbanites, turn not to Borat but to Bruno, Baron Cohen's gay Austrian fashionista character. Deployed to the chic corners of New York and Los Angeles*, or in the studio* with ethics-free entertainment "journalists," Bruno gets the ultra-hip to nod along as he not-so-subtly advocates genocide for the unfashionable, praises the fashion sense of Hitler and bin Laden, equates a poorly-dressed Oscar nominee to a "mini-9/11," laughs at the poor, and more.

I must say, though, I don't see how a Bruno movie (which is reportedly in the planning stages) will work. The hipsters should be mostly on to Baron Cohen by now, and the other half of Bruno's schtick, where he expose people you'd expect to be uncomfortable with flamboyant homosexuality to indeed be uncomfortable, is much less successful.

By the way, our own Bob Barr appears briefly in Borat; he comes off as well as one of Baron Cohen's marks can.

*Warning: Salty language.

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