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Mehlman the Mensch

By on 11.10.06 | 7:45AM

Ken Mehlman's mid-term election plan didn't quite work out as planned, but he there is a very good case to be made that he doesn't deserve a lot of the blame for the losses in the House and the Senate. Mehlman did what he was supposed to do: raise money, make sure candidates had the support they required from the national party, and he did that in spades. You rarely if ever heard a GOP candidate complaining about lack of support.

His - and Karl Rove's - efforts have generated more Republicans at the polls than at just about any time in modern history, something that has forced the Democrats to dramatically change their game plan, a game plan, we should add, that simply can't hold up for more than two years as the Democrats will be forced to show their true intentions on tough policy issues in little time.

Mehlman has not publicly stated where he intends to hang his hat, but talk along K Street and elsewhere is that he is going to help former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani decide whether a presidential run is a good idea.

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