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Caroline Kennedy Likely Ambassador to Japan

By on 9.19.13 | 3:51PM

Barring a misstep akin to the one she made while a contender for the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton in 2009, Caroline Kennedy is on the fast track to become the next U.S. ambassador to Japan. Lured by the promise of delicious sushi and endless quantitative easing, JFK’s daughter has been very vocal in her quest for something to do, desperate to quench her thirst for public service.

A Senate hearing gave her a rubber stamp today, with New York Senators Schumer and Gillibrand gushing with admiration for her Kennedy-ness, her woman-ness. It does not appear likely that there will be steep resistance to her appointment.

While it is not believed that she speaks Japanese or has a thorough grasp of that country's history, politics, or culture, she is incredibly erudite. Observe some examples of Ms. Kennedy's public speaking skills:

Advance warning for future-Ambassador Kennedy: The Japanese word for "um" is "ano," written as あの.

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