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Is Putin Having Fun Yet?

By on 9.10.13 | 12:04PM

So, let's get this straight:

Secretary of State John "incredibly small" Kerry makes an off-handed comment about Syria handing over its chemical weapons, a couple of days after UN Ambassador Samantha "maybe Iran will stop supporting Assad" Power says that it's past time for diplomatic efforts.

Russia and Syria say "hey, that could work."

Kerry and President Obama are flabbergasted, so eager are they to drop bombs, but say they will consider what comes from Syria and Russia, especially at the UN.

And now AFP (Agence France-Presse) reports "Russia opposed to UN resolution on Syria: French foreign minister."

Does anybody else think that Russian President Putin is picturing Obama and Kerry like two little marionettes whom he is dragging and bouncing and making look ridiculous across the world stage?

Our president is a lightweight who has surrounded himself with unserious, mediocre try-hards and ideologues, who are trying -- and failing -- to play in the big leagues.

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