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At Least One Mind Changed on Syria

By on 9.6.13 | 4:14PM

Yes, it's tempting to criticize members of Congress when they change their views on issues. But the question of US involvement in Syria is too complex to support that sort of superficial criticism.

Thus, it is with some gratitude -- and perhaps also wondering if articles such as mine, acknowledging and perhaps slightly shaming Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) -- that I acknowledge his change of heart on this difficult topic.

Just a few days ago, Grimm was publicly for attacking Syria. On Thursday, he changed his mind.

I hope (and expect) that more members of Congress will go Grimm's direction than the other direction. I do not expect Obama/Kerry arm-twisting to have great effect on Democrats, much less on Republicans.

It's possible that Grimm's move was an act of politics, or that he's representing the views of his constituents, or that he had a legitimate change of heart -- or, most likely, a combination of all of the above. Whatever the reason, his move was the right one and I hope those he represents view it positively.

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