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John Kerry, Reborn Hawk

By on 9.5.13 | 12:25PM

Speaking to the House Foreign Affairs Committee earlier today, Secretary of State Jean Francois Kerry seems to have had his brain switched with that of Dick Cheney or some other neocon: "That will be one of those moments in history that will live in infamy,"

So let's get this straight: Kerry is comparing Pearl Harbor, when the US was attacked by a nation we were not (yet) at war with, with Syria where no vital US interest is at stake, where the "good guys" are probably no better, or at least not much better, than the bad guys, and where the primary thing propelling us to action is our own president's big mouth (which spoke of a red line of his creation.)

Bizarro World, indeed, when John Kerry wants to let loose the dogs of war. It is amazing how the left usually supports wars where we have no national interest, and doesn't support wars where we do.

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