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Not Just Mike Pence

By on 11.8.06 | 10:02AM

Looks like Florida's Jeb Hensarling is also angling for a leadership position:

Hensarling Statement on Elections
"Republicans have experimented with Big Government and it has failed. The era of Republican Big Government is over"

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Rep. Jeb Hensarling (TX-05) today issued the following this morning following Republican election losses:

"I am extremely disappointed with the outcome of today's elections. Our party will see many good public servants leave our ranks, taking our Majority with them. I am deeply saddened by their departure, and I wish each of my departing colleagues and their families the very best.

"With loss comes a time for reflection. As Republicans, it is time for our party to look in the mirror and reflect on where we have gone wrong. Today, the American people have sent us a clear message, and that message is that we've deviated from our principles and values.

"The American people empowered us because of a shared commitment to reform government, to balance federal budgets, and to promote individual freedom while remaining true to our American values. Instead, over the last several years, Republicans have experimented with big government, and we have now seen the result. The Bridge to Nowhere has led us here. The era of Republican Big Government is over.

"There is no doubt that great anxiety over the War in Iraq played a role in our defeat. There is also no doubt that the American people and our fellow Republicans grew sick and tired of the scandals that too often plagued our Majority. Yet, all of the problems that have led to the defeat of our Majority are traceable back to one issue: an out-of-control government.

"To return to our Majority, we must renew our commitment to the principles of Ronald Regan and the Contract of America. Our core vision of limited government, individual empowerment, a strong national defense and traditional values enabled us to effectively establish a trust with the American people. We will now return to these principles and communicate our vision effectively, building a new Republican Majority in the process."

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