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Dear Readers:

By on 3.13.06 | 6:07PM

Topics on which I want to blog on Tuesday, so please remind me to do so: Florida Senate race. Congressional ethics. Claude Allen. That's it for now. Thanks.

Still The One

By on 3.13.06 | 5:02PM

Defying expectations, Moqtada al-Sadr is the man in Iraq on nationalism and anti-terrorism. He has every opportunity to spark a catastrophe, but commands calm -- again -- and criticizes al Qaeda. Stay tuned.


By on 3.13.06 | 1:14PM

A few emailers have chided me for characterizing the P&O lease on port terminals as "run[ning] six major U.S. ports." I don't think this choice of widely-used shorthand changes anything -- nothing in my article depends on a misconception about who handles port security, for example -- but I apologize if anyone was confused or otherwise vexed.

Quote/Unquote…Or Maybe Just Unquote

By on 3.13.06 | 12:38PM

My friend and fellow New Hampshireite Paul Sands wonderfully deconstructs Paul Krugman and Heather Boushey's gross misrepresentation of Alan Greenspan's Senate testimony last year to portray the former Fed chairman as a converted leftist guerrilla in the class war. It's a must read and can be found here.

Re: Harris Out?

By on 3.13.06 | 12:08PM

I know Katherine Harris reasonably well and in addition to being one of us in the ideological sense, she also happens to be one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. I am sorry for her that the Senate campaign thing doesn't seem to be working out.

Adding to the Prowler's comments on Marshall & Co's wild speculation about the profit she and her husband made on a recent home sale -- all I can say is this: To begin with, Katherine is an heiress. Her father was, I believe, some sort of Citrus mogul or something. She is also married to an extremely wealthy man. In sum, these are very, VERY rich people. To suggest, as our little friends seem to be doing, that she may have some sort of Duke Cunningham problem because she sold a home at a significant profit is laughable.

Fund on the Yale Taliban

By on 3.13.06 | 10:23AM

John Fund has another great piece on the Taliban at Yale, and the amazingly inept (and angry) response from Yale officials in today's Wall Street Journal. It gets curiouser by the day. If Yale is allowing its employees to get (possibly) confidential information about alumni donations, and then use their Yale offices and equipment to fire off barrages at said alumni, one has to wonder: who is in charge there? Will Yale prez Richard Levin lift the cone of silence and talk about it?

Nicklaus Must Replace Her

By on 3.13.06 | 10:19AM

Prowler, what an excellent report on the Katherine Harris race. I now repeat the call on this same subject I made here just a week ago, namely that the Golden Bear himself, Jack Nicklaus, should enter the race in Katherine Harris's place. I really think we should start a groundswell on the subject here. Of course we can't SUPPORT a declared candidate, but we sure as heck can bang the drums to convince a particular person to ENTER a race...and Jack can win and would serve with great honor and distinction!

Gloves Off

By on 3.13.06 | 10:15AM

John McCain may be a media darling, but Paul Krugman is no longer buying. Today he offers some "straight talk about John McCain." A few highlights:

"He isn't a moderate. He's much less of a maverick than you'd think. And he isn't the straight talker he claims to be."

"A statistical analysis of Mr. McCain's recent voting record, available at, ranks him as the Senate third most conservative member."

Evidently Krugman will have to settle for that other straight-talker, Ms. Hillary. The larger question is whether others in the MSM will join in this effort to bring down the fellow they so affectionately built up.

Harris Out?

By on 3.13.06 | 10:10AM

It might not happen today, but it's clear that Rep. Katherine Harris is going to have to abandon her Senate campaign soon. There is just too much controversy surrounding her. Over the weekend, she canceled her appearance at the GOP leadership conference in Memphis, promising a major announcement soon.

We reported two weeks ago that her Senate campaign was again hemorrhaging senior staff, and the whiff of a rotting corpse floating in the Florida Keys was unavoidable around that campaign organization.

Now, Josh Marshall and his intrepid crew of "reporters" are on the make. Anyone who lives in California or a Washington, DC suburb knows that a 200% increase in a real estate sale is not a big deal nowadays. Homes in the Washington suburbs of Maryland and Virginia that were bought just five years ago for $300,000 were being sold a few months ago for almost a million. Clearly Marshall's crew either lives in Manhattan dwellings or is too busy hanging out in Adams Morgan with the crowd to understand, well, capitalism.

My Bad

By on 3.13.06 | 6:00AM

International War Crimes Tribunal, not World Court.