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Justifable But Not Wise

By on 9.11.06 | 9:14AM

Dershowitz on Khatami. The Crimson defends not only the decision to invite Khatami, but also Fidel Castro in 1959. And that bit about not backing down from the execution of gays rankled the Crimson reporter more than most from the mainstream media outlets, so kudos to her for not letting it go without note. For the record, I'm with Dershowitz here.

Five Years Later

By on 9.11.06 | 9:14AM

CNN Pipeline is rebroadcasting CNN's coverage of 9/11/01, live as it happened. Among the stories that morning was a report from NY fashion week on maternity clothing. I'll never forget how quickly everything changed that morning.

Khatami Links

By on 9.11.06 | 8:50AM

A couple of readers have already written in to ask why I didn't link to more information on the Canadian journalist mentioned in my story. Sorry! The event went late, busses were delayed and I ended up writing deep into the evening and not including as many links as I normally do. By way of reparations, here is a good resource on the tragedy that befell the Canadian journalist and here is an example of what a good friend Khatami is to the Jewish people.


By on 9.11.06 | 5:48AM

Thousands of bloggers are writing tributes today to each of the 2,996 victims of 9/11. (3,412 bloggers are participating, so some victims have two tributes.) Don't miss this one.

UPDATE: They seem to be having server problems. If the link above doesn't work, use this one.

TVC’s Deleted ‘Path to 9/11’ Clips

By on 9.10.06 | 5:57AM

The Traditional Values Coalition has posted six scenes it says were removed from ABC's "Path to 9/11" miniseries after complaints from former Clinton administration officials. I didn't have time to watch them all, but the first is the one in which Sandy Berger fails to make the call to take out bin Laden -- and it's an extremely unflattering portrayal.

One of these days I'd like to see some actor -- maybe John Goodman -- acting out Berger's removal of classified documents in his pants and socks.

What if Shuler Returns to Washington?

By on 9.9.06 | 7:36AM

Here in North Carolina, the only congressional race considered to be competitive this fall is in our 11th District, which pits incumbent Republican Rep. Charles Taylor against former Redskins quarterback Heath Shuler. Shuler has raised a lot of money, and Democrats are counting on this contest to help them retake the House. Charlie Cook rates it a "toss-up." Taylor is a pretty quiet guy and usually gets going late in his campaigns, but he has plenty of money of his own he can throw into the race.

Nevertheless, Taylor's seeming sluggishness has at least one fan with a long memory concerned about what horror (video) a Rep. Shuler could unleash on Washington (video).

Re: Shamelessly Yours

By on 9.8.06 | 5:32PM

Hey, Jed, pass the box of Kleenex, if there's anything left of it by the time your sobs are stanched. An apology to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson? You mean Mr. Wilson and Madame Plame? An apology for "blowing her cover" -- by which you mean blowing her like a curbside leaf through the covers of Vanity Fair -- in which Agent Plame's fashion kitsch managed the unintentional laugh riot of resurrecting Madeline Stowe's blonde-on-the-lam-and-in-sunglasses getup in 12 Monkeys -- a film ten times more serious than The Dreadful Leak ever managed to be? Or maybe the apology intented is for Joe Wilson's blow-dried monstrosity -- an act of desperate "virile" hubris that only foreigners like Koizumi and de Villepin can pull off -- sorry, Sen. "Other Joe" Biden...