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2008 Looks Bad

By on 11.8.06 | 9:16AM

Not to throw an even wetter blanket on an already miserable situation, but a very quick examination of results does not offer much hope for a GOP return to power in 2008. In the House, with the Dems at 229 seats (and seven key ones still out, most of them probably Democratic when the votes are certified), I count only 15 seats in which Dems should expect a super-tough race in 2008. Meanwhile, whenever Chris Shays retires, his seat will certainly go Democrat. But if Simmons, Gerlach, or Fitzpatrick holds on, all three of those seats will STILL be prime targets for the Dems next time. Only two seats held by the Dems, the two Georgia ones (if they do indeed stay Dem), will be very hard for the Dems to defend. Meanwhile, in the Senate, the GOP is defending a whole lot more seats, including at least as many tough seats, as the Democrats are.

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