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Patriotic Pooches Honored

By on 8.16.13 | 10:52AM

In a long-overdue tribute to America’s fighting pooches in uniform, a memorial sculpture was dedicated to brave K9 troops this summer at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The sculpture is a likeness of a Belgian Malinois -- a custom-made German Shepherd that is the favored breed for military dogs -- in a pose of attention, four-legged style.

It would be my guess that most military pooches would prefer to be rewarded for their fine work with cookies or sausages over statuary. But of course the memorial is to remind two-egged Americanos of the fine, brave, and vital contributions these furry warriors have made to the nation’s defense over the decades. Many of these dogs paid the ultimate price in the course of their loyal service. It is so fitting that they be honored.   

The dedication ceremony took place July 27. I’m sorry I could not have been there. But I can picture how this unique ceremony was called to order: “Company! -- Ten Hut! -- Sit! -- Stay!”

God bless all of our troops, including those with four on the floor.          

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