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KJV: A Quick Response

By on 8.12.13 | 2:59PM

While I certainly understand where Ben is coming from, I can't say I'm much moved by his points about "accuracy." Two reasons for this:

• Many, many revisions have been made to the Authorized Edition or King James Bible since 1611. The most recent edition of the Cambridge Paragraph Bible is a good example of translation that succeeds both textually and aesthetically.

• For me the primary purpose of vernacular translations of scripture is liturgical. Above all, the Bible should sound good when it's read aloud. Scholars can and should use the most accurate and up to date Hebrew and Greek texts; but for everyone else, translations like the Latin Vulgate (which I hear at the Tridentine Mass: in case readers are wondering I am a confirmed Roman Catholic rather than a member of the Church of England), the Douay-Rheims, the King James, and the Knox fit the bill.

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