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Evander Can Relax — Hanoi Jane Resurfaces

By on 8.11.13 | 3:33PM

Chris Wallace’s Power Player of the Week guest this morning on Fox News Sunday was Mike Tyson, perhaps the most eccentric choice in what is usually the weakest part of this otherwise pretty good news program. It’s August, and I guess everybody is out of town.

The most bizarre thing we learned about Iron Mike, now 47, is that he is a vegan. I could not have been more disoriented on learning that Jane Fonda was entering a convent. The picture of Iron Mike satisfying himself at dinner with tofu and yard clippings, or grazing in his front yard for an afternoon snack, just won't compute. But I guess this means Evander Holyfield can relax. Ears are off of Mike’s diet.

Speaking of Hanoi Jane, word has just reached me that our Jane will play Nancy Reagan in a movie called "The Butler." There hasn’t been a worse case of Hollywood miscasting since the last time Gabby Hayes played the Archbishop of Canterbury.




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