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The Spectator’s Spectacular: Aug. 3 - Aug. 10

By on 8.11.13 | 10:00AM

1. Special ReportThe Washington Post and Liberal Privilege by Jeffrey Lord 

    Rush Limbaugh thrives: The real doctrine behind a dying liberal paper.

2. The Current Crisis: Sociopaths and Democrats by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. 

    Let’s hope the two haven’t become synonymous.

3. The Right Prescription: Congress Exempts Itself From the Law by Betsy McCaughey

    Who says Obama and members of both parties can’t agree on anything?

4. Ben Stein's Diary: At the Sushi Place by Ben Stein

    Smokers say the strangest things.

5.  The Nation's Pulse: Nowhere to Run by Christopher Orlet 

    Those who think they can continually run from crime and poverty are deluded.

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