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Market Success ≠ Quality

By on 8.9.13 | 7:20PM

In response to Erik Wemple's criticism of Sean Hannity, Jeff Lord points out the fact that Fox News is in a better financial position than Wemple's employer, the Washington Post. This strikes me as being neither here nor there: lots of things that are popular and successful--the recent spat of superhero movies, diet soda, casual dining chains--are also awful, or at least nowhere near as good qua whatever as their less successful rivals--French domestic comedies, cola made with pure cane sugar, family-owned greasy spoons.

Just worth pointing out, I think, especially because Jeff seems to be suggesting that Fox's huge profits and the Post's straitened finances can be explained mostly by their respective political agendas. If this is true, which is to say, if right-of-center media organs generally perform better than their left-wing rivals, why is the wolf howling at the door over at the Washington Times? Why did the New York Sun cease print publication? Why, conversely, is it that no right-of-center opinion magazine can boast of anything like the circulation of, say, the Atlantic or Harper's?

Something to think about.

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