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A Democrat Finally Tells the Truth

By on 7.31.13 | 11:05AM

Anthony Weiner's campaign communications director Barbara Morgan is being criticized for her obscene rant about a former intern who dished dirt on the campaign in the New York Daily News. While the crudity of Morgan's language may be lamentable, however, the fact is that the intern, Olivia Nuzzi, signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as is standard practice in all political campaigns. If any Republican political operative had ever so flagrantly violated an NDA, their name would be mud forever.

Of course, I doubt a GOP communication director would publicly call anyone the foul names Morgan called Nuzzi, but we should be grateful for Morgan's candor:

Violating an NDA in this manner -- quitting or getting fired from a campaign and then badmouthing the campaign -- is career suicide in politics. Olivia Nuzzi has forever branded herself as a selfish untrustworthy backstabber.
In other words, a typical liberal woman. ...
Honestly, Barbara Morgan has done us all a huge favor by telling the truth about who liberals really are. What kind of woman would associate herself with a Democrat like Anthony Weiner? A slutbag.

Of course, saying what Barbara Morgan said -- i.e., the truth about who Democrats really are -- is why liberals hate Rush Limbaugh, because he tells the truth about them every day. But liberals lie so routinely and habitually that when a Democrat finally tells the truth, buddy, that's headline news!

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