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By on 11.8.06 | 7:47AM

Democrat strategists around town say that the new House Majority leadership has had a plan in place for PR efforts upon retaking the House. Look for it to unfold in the next 48 hours or so.

That plan does not involve putting potential new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi front and center by herself. Rather, modeled after what Republicans did in 1994, the Dems will be looking to elevate some of the fresh blood they have brought in.

Democrat conquering hero Rahm "Twinkle Toes" Emanuel is said to be touting Heath Shuler, the supposed moderate Democrat elected out of North Carolina, for a high profile in the coming few weeks. There are several other new members out of Indiana and Kentucky that might also be given a higher profile.

The message: "Ethics, getting out of Iraq, and realigning budget priorities," says the senior adviser to the Demcrat leadership. "With both Houses in our control, the budget has suddenly become a very big weapon for us to use. The Republicans have no idea what they are about to experience in the areas of budgeting and appropriations. And neither does the White House."

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