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Nancy Pelosi’s War on Women

By on 7.19.13 | 4:51PM

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi is an overflowing river of wisdom that fertilizes the greenest pastures of bluest partisanship. She's just a gift that keeps on giving.

At a press conference earlier today, Pelosi was asked about the scandal in which Democrat Mayor Bob Filner of San Diego currently finds himself. As Alice Chao commented this afternoon, Filner was engaged until his fiancée broke it off because he was sexting other women. He also faces allegations of sexual harassment. But Filner now refuses to step down from office.

So Pelosi was asked whether she thought he should resign. Her response: "I'm not here to make any judgments."

Just imagine if Filner were a Republican.

One is forced to ask: Are Pelosi, Spitzer, Weiner, and now Filner complicit in this war on women? No, silly, they're Democrats!

Watch below:

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